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SEO Expert Daniel Norin about Negative SEO5.12. 2012.4:47 pm

Many people are scared of negative SEO and are still not sure how to handle it. Matt Cutts has been talking about the latest disavow tool from Google which allow web masters to disavow certain links. However, you still need …

Find SEO Experts at Twitter3.08. 2012.9:38 am

SEO Experts are now active with our new Twitter account (@seoexperts). Every time we do a new interview with SEO experts, a tweet will go out. Usually, a new interview will go live every Sunday, but during the summer it’s …

SEO Experts meet at Camden Football Pitch19.07. 2012.6:29 pm

Kevin Gibbons managed to set-up 5-a-side football in Camden with 10 people attending. Every Thursday evening at 8.30-9.30 PM, a new football match between more or less skilled SEO experts are going to take place. The cost to attend is £6, with a generous refund policy.

SEO Experts New Blog Goes Live19.07. 2012.12:11 pm

The SEO Experts site provides information and advice from some of the leading SEO experts in Europe. Every Sunday, we interview some of most prominent European SEO experts about everything related to search marketing, computers and how they are as persons.

Google Power Searching: Advanced search education23.05. 2012.12:11 pm

Do you want to become an SEO Expert yourself? One of the first things to learn is how to search engines like Google works. The new search education with Dr. Dan Russell, a research scientist at Google, consist of six lessons.

Unnatural links: 3 Examples23.05. 2012.12:11 pm

Google has been working hard to improve their search results lately. Algorithm tweaks named Panda update and Penguin update made webmasters aware of the need for genuine and relevant links. In order to understand unnatural links you must first understand what’s behind trusted links. Trusted backlinks can appear in natural situations, such as when people talk in forums, blog posts and discussion.