Featured Interview

Two of our latest interviews are with Scandinavian SEO Experts; Tomas Axelsson and Marcus Westberg.

Philip Blomsterberg, Internet Marketing Rocket Surgeon

Philip have been an Internet entrepreneur since the mid nineties. Previously specializing in the english speaking market he is now branching out in sweden.
Read more about Philip Blomsterberg.


Tomas Axelsson, Getupdated

Small photo of Tomas Axelsson, GetupdatedTomas has been head of SEO for Getupdated Internet Marketing since 2007. Before that, he created migroup.se, which was later bought up by Getupdated Group. Read SEO Experts interview with Tomas, where he explains why ‘The algorithms behind Google are overrated’.


Marcus Westberg, Svensk SEO

Small photo of Marcus Westberg Marcus Westberg is the founder of Svensk SEO (Swedish SEO) and has been working with with search marketing for a gold related companies the last years. He was the winner of a major SEO competition in 2007. Read more about Marcus Westberg.