Interview with Marcus Westberg

Marcus Westberg

Marcus Westberg is an Swedish SEO specialist from Stockholm, Sweden. He is the founder of Svensk SEO (Swedish SEO). He has been working with SEO for over 7 years now has an interesting background, winning one of the biggest SEO contests in 2007.

What are you best known for?

Most likely the SEO contests from way back (Note: he won the Carcasher seo contest in 2006). However most people in the swedish SEO community know me in some way or form via business, chat or forums etc. I am simpy interested in SEO and by that you get in touch with a lot of people doing the same thing.

Do you have any motto?

When it comes to SEO the motto is simply to always evolve. Google constantly changes the way users get their search results displayed.

Professional Background: Can you tell us a bit about what you did at Getupdated, Guldbrev and Svensk SEO?

Mostly SEO, and it´s not just SEO when I think about it. If you´re hired by a company to do SEO there will always be a lot of time spent doing related tasks such as Internet advertising, web page tweaks etc.

Computers/SEO: Have you always been into computers and SEO? If not, how did your interest start? Which was you first computer?

It started with video games such as the Sega Master system and Nintendo. After a while I discovered computers and my first was a commodore 64, amazing that you load game via cassets :)

How to stay up to date? How do you stay up to date with Google and SEO in general?

Basically just make sure to read all the heavy blogs about SEO, and of course to test things in the SERP :)

SEO in Sweden vs Word-wide: How do you find SEO in Sweden and Scandinavia compared world-wide? Any major differences how people work or what gives results?

Since Sweden is a small country, a lot of the swedish keywords to rank for is really not that competitive compared to the english keywords.

What do you work with on a daily basis? How does a normal working day look like for you?

Well actually it can be very varying. However answering mails is the first thing I do. There are always projects to do and I try to coordinate so that as many projects as possible are getting finished.

Tips for beginners: Do you have any advice for people new to SEO? What should they focus to learn firstly?

Focus on the important things first and getting a few strong quality links instead of a lot of bulk low quality links. The important thing for any web page when it comes to SEO is simple things like title, headlines and the text content.

What is your favorite SEO tool and why? If you were about to could create your own SEO tool, how would it look like?

My 3 favorite tools are Ranktracker for checking positions, Link research tools to analyze backlinks and Screaming frog for quick On-page guidance and keeping track of links on the site.

Do you have any role models?

When it comes to International SEO I think Rand Fishkin (SEOMOZ) is a guy to keep track of. In Sweden I often read about what Nikke Lindqvist has to say.

Goals: Do you have any personal goals to complete 2012?

Yes, actually starting a new search visibility company with a friend as main partner. And also buying a new apartment in Stockholm.

Future SEO: Can you name a few things website owners/SEOs should look out for the coming two years? Can you tell us about some of the main issues you see today that Google have a problem to tackle?

I think Google will be a lot smarter in general and a lot harder on MFA, directorys and satellites. Basically all sites that presents any other sites as their main purpose will have a hard time getting good rankings. I believe that Google themselves want to be that main site that presents other sites :) It´s tough to speculate on what might be a problem for Google. I think that just as with Facebook people are starting to question what are they getting back from Google. We are leaving more and more personal information to Google but how does it help the average user and has the search results become better?

7 quick general questions

QDo you use Google or Bing when searching for images?AGoogle
QAre you spending most time on Facebook or Twitter?ATwitter
QDo you prefer working on Apple or PC?APC
QDo you rather go skiing or take a holiday to the sun?AHoliday to the sun
QWhich keyword would you like to be #1 for in‘Marcus’ would be nice
QDo you use Blekko or any other alternative search engine?ANo.
QIf you couldn’t work with SEO/web related things; what would u do?ASomething with food or exercise..or both!

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