Interview with Markus Jalmerot

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Markus Jalmerot is a British SEO expert. He was born in Sweden and has been working with search engine marketing in four countries for well over a decade now. Markus is a multitasking individual that especially enjoys working with content writing, SEO strategies and competitive industries. He is known to bring forward controversial ideas and tends to do things quite different from the average SEO guy, often with more passion, care and patience. You can read more about Markus Jalmerot on his personal website,

Like Daniel Norin, Markus is also known for bringing a lot of energy to the table when he enjoys a project.

Occupation: SEO Specialist
Age and birthplace?: Born in Ängelholm (Sweden), 1978.
Started with SEO?: I started building websites and doing SEO during my university studies in Lund around 2002. All of a sudden, I had 100′s of sites and a little SEO-network of sites. It was back in the days when you could get a decent domain name, create 3-5 sub-pages, wait a few days and be #1 in Google. Luckily, the team at Google have developed their algorithms quite a bit since then, but still got some work to do in smaller non-English speaking markets.


Mr Jalmerot has studied Strategic Management at Bachelor level, along with International Finance at Master level. Along the way he also went into quite some economic history, statistics and theoretical philosophy. Connect with him on LinkedIn for further details.

What is Markus Jalmerot best known for?

Never giving up when he is motivated, says some people around him. He got quite some insights into website and domain valuation after doing domain valuation as a extra job. After 13 years in the SEO industry, he learned quite a bit.

Do you have any motto?

Got quite a few. Depends on what the motto should be used for?
“The best or nothing” is my favourite motto.
“I would rather die of passion than of boredom”, is another great quote by Vincent Van Gogh.
He continues: “If you’re not willing to risk it all then you don’t want it bad enough”, says Markus Jalmerot. If you like to read more quotes from him, visit Pinterest.

Family background

Got my entrepreneurial side from both sides of the family.

Professional background

I started with SEO as mentioned above during my university studies, and once helped a newspaper about mobile phone ( to increase their search engine traffic with a few 100 %. That led to a job as CTO for GetUpdated, one of the major Internet marketing agencies in Scandinavia, part of They expanded to UK and I got some interesting roles opening up their London office. Thereafter, I worked at a WPP company in Copenhagen, Denmark followed by a gambling marketing agency in Cyprus before opening my own SEO company in UK.

How did you start with computers and SEO?

My first computer was an Atari 512 ST and had a few different PCs from my early teens. Got into SEO during my uni studies.

How do you stay up to date with Google and SEO in general?

I usually browse the leading news sources, checking my RSS subscriptions and occasionally read the major American SEO blogs. However, in my mind not much of the basics have changed in SEO. Create a great website for visitors, make it user friendly, spread the word and keep updating with new content in your own unique style.

SEO in Sweden vs other countries

Swedish SEO follows the same foundation as other countries. Like always, it’s important to know the local language to succeed and yes – the competition is way lower in a small country with a niche language compared to English.

How do you succeed in competitive niches

Study and monitor your search engine competitors closely (might be different from your actual business competitors). The websites ranking for your keywords are obviously who you should monitor against. You need to do everything better than them. More trusted links, better content. Yeah, you get the picture.

Tips for beginners: Do you have any advice for people new to SEO? What should they focus to learn firstly?

Like the previous question: Study your competitors and do it better.

What are your new projects

I enjoy gambling and have put focus on one of the most competitive SEO niches: casino. I just started so there is not much to say yet. Keep following my newly launched sites and see what happens :)

How is it to work with Markus Jalmerot?

I do have high expectations, says Markus. You need to think different from most other people to work with me. I don’t do average or common. I do it my way and you need to be there and contribute a bit more than you are comfortable with :)

Goals: Do you have any personal goals to complete by next year?

Among the business related: Become one of the big guys in two of the three casino niches selected during late 2015 or early 2016.

Future SEO: Can you name a few things website owners/SEOs should look out for the coming two years?

There is lots happening in the social media scene and mobile/tablet market. The link building practices will continue to change and big scale link buyers will get caught (both automatically and manually) more frequently. Finally, Google will probably give even more instant answers without the need to click through to any website. Here is a great video by Randfish for you to view about what might happen this year.

What do you do on your spare time?

I love photography and spending time with my family.

7 quick general questions

QDo you use Google or Bing when searching for images?AEnjoy both and use Flickr and Creative commons as well.
QAre you spending more time on Facebook or Twitter?APrefer Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
QDo you prefer working on Apple or PC?AAfter being a PC user for almost two decades, I got a MAC recently. Love it!
QDo you rather go skiing or take a holiday in the sun?ASkiing or rather snowboarding.
QWhich keyword would you like to be #1 for in gonna tell you :)
QDo you use Blekko or any other alternative search engine?ATried it but 98 % Google and 2 % Bing for me!
QIf you couldn’t work with SEO/web related things; what would you do?AI would love to be an angel investor one day and help entrepreneurs building the next Google :)

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