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Unnatural links: 3 Examples

23.05. 2012.12:11 pm

Group of untrusted links
Google has been working hard to improve their search results lately. Algorithm tweaks named Panda update and Penguin update made webmasters aware of the need for genuine and relevant links. In order to understand unnatural links you must first understand what’s behind trusted links. Trusted backlinks can appear in natural situations, such as when people talk in forums, blog posts and discussion. The most credible links are those that come from pages with high authority. While unnatural links often are unrelated to the content, trusted links are often on-topic. Credible links have a high click rate, people actually find them interesting and they are often located on places where people click – while the opposite is often true for unnatural links.

If your website have a high percentage of unnatural links, a penalise is possible. Some examples which might lead to dropped search engine ranking include:
1. The same keyword rich anchor text over and over again.
2. A lack of branded links, such as ‘Company Name’, etc.
3. Links from known link sellers.

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